My (amazing) uncle just reminded me how much you end up like your parents. Case in point, in the face of any difficulty...I cook. I realized this as I was hell bent and halfway through making a peach blueberry cobbler (never made this before in my life.) On to roast chicken, greek salad, and a stir fry...and hmmm...fettuccine alfredo sounds nice too (no cream, just butter, yum.) All very comforty foods, and this is probably a major psychological flaw, but I'll deal with that perhaps a little later in life.

Simply Recipes is usually my starting point, mostly for the pictures as I'm horrible (the English side of me now wants to say rubbish rather than horrible) at following directions.

Here though I've included some beautiful photos of Kitka's lunch of smørrebrød at Aaman's in Copenhagen.

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