in love

I am absolutely in love with ivy style 33's apartment on Flickr for several reasons, I'm so excited that I have to list them, so here 'goes:
1) The colours. White, black, green, light wood and lots of natural materials.
2) Again with the textures, metals, woven baskets, wood, that wallpaper hanging above the sofa...
3) The most inspiring thing for me since I'm moving across the world and taking very little with me - so much of this apartment is either vintage or Ikea (lots of Habitat as well, which I can't wait to delve into once I get to England.) It just affirms again you really can have pieces that are cleverly designed, functional, and cheap. Isn't that what design is all about...creating beautiful and workable items that are accessible?
4) The space is obviously gorgeous, but it's also very small. She's done a good job at creating different spaces (office, living room, dining etc) without making it cluttered or closed off.
5) Storage. Again, thank-you Ikea.

And here is her new blog, Busy bee


  1. what a great use of the space! love it! (i have those pillows on the couch!) gotta love ikea! :)

  2. Thank you , thank you so much for the amazing comments on my apartment! And for the lovely presentation you 've made! My Monday morning and this week, begin with a sincere, big smile! Have a nice week and happy autumn to all!

  3. I love her apartment as well. So gorgeous!