hotel love

I want to bring this hotel everywhere with me.

It's the Districo Capital in Mexico.

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my friend arrives today.

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good bones

I had a dream the other night that, for some reason, we very urgently had to move to Stockholm.  And so, browsing through real estate there (isn't this what everyone does on their days off?) I found some amazing apartments...this one is a little rough around the edges, but isn't it lovely? And the photos...there's something really great about them.


For sale on Lagerlings

perfect movie chairs

Perfect movie watching chairs. Especially for scary movies where you both need your own blanket as well as the ability to tuck your feet up off the floor.

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It's sunny in London and there is really nothing better in the world right now than a warm breeze.

Oh, and my friend is visiting this weekend! We're going to picnic in the park and see Elisabeth Moss in the Children's Hour and eat tapas at Dehesa and go punting in Oxford. Perfect.

photo of super-cute daschund by Orchard Studio