Narrow perch

I'd like to sit here and look out the window(s) all day long.


Some of our amazing friends have built a school in Uganda, and managed to take some beautiful photos while they've been at it.

bit of blue

We're on day #732 of grey here. Normally I can take a bit of grey, like it even, embrace the rain etc etc. But now I'm going insane.

Ffffl*ckr helps, even though I haven't quite figured out how it works...basically it lets you roam around people's favourite Flickr shots.

ebay addiction

I just bought a bedframe on ebay for £30! I hope it looks just like this.

chair porn

This photo makes me drool.

Chair by Yukio Yoshida via Kitka Design Toronto from their trip to Asahikawa


My friend took this photograph and I looooooooooove it.
(this post was not endorsed by the NRA)

let's all move to Sweden

Part of me (maybe...23%) wants to move to Sweden and buy a lovely white apartment (this one is for sale here!)
Although as emma said, I'd have to take out all the red and orange bits...

Oh...wait, I just checked the price...762,193.23 GBP. Maybe I'll just have that little loft room...

Valentine's Day is for the dogs

I'm such a suck, but it's Valentine's day so I'm allowed (?) and this guy really really makes me smile.

Via Sharon Montrose


Pretty grumpy today. Even pancakes didn't help.

Via The Year in Pictures


We went to Stonehenge this weekend, but to be honest, the village of Avebury was much better if you want to get up close and personal to your national monuments, which I do.


My solution to having no furniture (or not enough room for furniture) and too* many books...(OK, books and magazines, and maybe some of those are trashy magazines...). Spines also must face inward as in the top photo. I know I'm crazy.

*there is actually no such thing as "too many" books

my friend!

My friend is coming to visit in April and I'm soooooooo excited. Thinking of taking just a tiny side trip to somewhere fun and I'm conveniently imagining us as these Vogue models in Turkey...lounging around looking fabulous (although they look quite composed, whereas I'd have a goofy smile plastered to my face the whole time)
Hurry up April!