I'm obsessed with clothes lately. But poor as dirt. So feeding my obsession with a few of my favourite posts from jak and jil over the last few months...

pretty pictures

Some pretty pictures from over at property company Fantastic Frank.

The Elektra Bakery aka my new home

Do you think the owners would let me live in this bakery in Edessa, Greece? It's all my favourite things....white and black and marble and wood and those Tom Dixon pendants and a little bit of outside space and warm bread at all hours...perfect.

By Studioprototype via Yatzer

i'm jetlagged

I'm jetlagged. Or is it "I have jetlag?"

Either way I'm tired.

glass house

I would spend days just staring out the window here (would need a furniture overhaul first, although I'd keep that slightly creepy horse art thing.)

(found on Architizer, an addiction I have, but now lost again...all I know it that it's somewhere in the Canadian shield...)

We've just moved to a new flat (with heat!) and I'm still in love with white and black and wood, as always.


We were in California over the holidays and I couldn't keep my eyes off the ocean. I miss her so much it hurts a little (ok, a lot, but I'm trying to complain less this year...) There are shells and stones in all my pockets though so I'll be placated for another few months.
(again, photos taken with my iPhone as I'm not to be trusted with a real camera)