duct tape

The Canadian in me loves this clever use of duct tape (a magical invention that works on everything).

Via the Sartorialist


I'm in Palm Desert at the moment and am so far delighted by wind farms and picking lemons for my tea in the morning. Yay.

(looking forward to: barbequing, buttered popcorn, and a good burger)

ten again

I'm slightly obsessed with ballet and horses lately, which means I'm ten years old again.

Top two lovely misty horse photos by Rachelle Simoneau


I went to Berlin a few weeks ago with a friend. It was cold and wonderful.


My first chance to see this movie will probably be in LA over the next couple of weeks, which is too perfect. In the meantime, I'll keep loving the website.

the perfect winter cottage

The Ten Broeck Cottage in New York state by architect Messana O’Rorke, love love love.

via Kitka Design Toronto and Arch Daily


As promised, here are my Amsterdam photos, via iPhone as I'm not allowed to touch the real camera...