Slow motion

These Canadians (TBWA Toronto with Bob Purman directing) make the most of slow motion.

Bean Boots

Ugh, I admit I want a pair of these...apparently because I'll do anything Marc Jacobs tells me to, no questions asked. Damnit.

i want to marry this house (too)

I want to marry this tiny house in Osaka by Shintaro Fujiwara (as does one of the readers of Dezeen, where I found it).

So perfect and thoughtful. This house would definitely make you pancakes in the morning.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair did a little poll of "the world's leading architects, critics, and deans of architecture schools" to name their favourite (or most important) structures.

Here are my favourites of their favourites (some are beautiful, some just..interesting...)
Full list here.


Life dream #256 realized: I chased a flock of sheep this weekend (well, I really just wanted to snuggle up to them but quickly realized sheep aren't a friendly lot)

The Water House by Li Xiaodong Atelier

So calm, I love this "Water House" in Lijiang China, and having a little "dock" is absolutely genius. I must steal this for of my yet-to-be-built-dream-house one day...sigh....

Ebay bragging....

Ebay score (I still get all nervous as the auction clock counts down the last seconds): Three anglepoise lamps -two black, 1 white, £24! (plus shipping)


I was reminder the other day at dinner that possibly my favourite thing in the world is a good artichoke (with garlic butter of course).

Photo via one small leather bellied hide pig

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Wow. This is an incredible building. There is something a bit...giant...about it (although I could live in that infinity pool), but it's jaw-dropping nonetheless.

via Yatzer (sent by my friend SS)