I'm amazed by Bas Princen's photographs. He makes me feel as if I'm seeing through completely new eyes. And I just keep staring at them, they're so surreal (click on them to make them bigger, they're better that way)

(one small leather bellied hide pig found him first)


  1. I love how you said that this photographer makes you feel like you are looking through completely new eyes because that is SPOT ON!

    I saw the photo of the building with all the gold reflective curtain wall panels and realized it gives the illusion that the building is transparent. I was immediately so surprised because I have never seen or thought of those types of buildings in that way! I wonder if that is intended at all?

  2. these are so beautiful. i completely agree with you.

  3. I see what you mean... he has a wonderful style. So many are great photographers—wonderful composition, etc. But, honestly, with his photography, you can actually see and appreciate what you are meant to. Thanks for sharing!

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