Altis Belem Hotel

I want, no, need to go to Portugal.

This is the new Altis Belem hotel in Lisbon...and if the photos weren't so glossy I'd swear it was built in the 1960's...or perhaps if the 60's were now, this is what we'd build...does that make sense? Anyway, somehow it just captures that era for me.

By Risco Architects via Yatzer.


  1. Very cool place! Such pure architecture at its best...thanks for sharing!

    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. oooooh. Cool. I love the pool!

  3. it almost like a sexed up version of 1960's bleugh-ness...

    i like the clean straight lines...

    that ooomph of glossy red does so much...

  4. 1960s goes oughts - I love. I think what this means is the look is timeless! so chic.

  5. Very cool. And all the spectacular views! Wow!

    I have asked you before, but you are ignoring me, girlie! How are you and how is the new job going? I am soooo curious!

    Cyber hug,