The grooves on these shiny Corian tables by Jens Praet and Vibeke Skar are lovely and remind me of this also gorgeous accordian vest by Peachoo + Krejberg. I'm seeing grooves and ruffles everywhere these days and I like it.

Via Yatzer and Grey.

not camping

OK, this isn't camping, but it's a lovely alternative. I'd certainly stay in one of these 18 "cabins" in Yorkshire Dales. The doors open wide enough so you're practically outside anyway, which by definition could count as camping.

Found via Natural Retreats whilst searching for a nice warm Christmas holiday break...if you know of any...

prints and paris

i love this print that cacharel is spring-y and watercolor-y. and i'm loving navy and nudes this season.

and i've convinced the boy to go to paris the weekend after next. super-yay.

Altis Belem Hotel

I want, no, need to go to Portugal.

This is the new Altis Belem hotel in Lisbon...and if the photos weren't so glossy I'd swear it was built in the 1960's...or perhaps if the 60's were now, this is what we'd build...does that make sense? Anyway, somehow it just captures that era for me.

By Risco Architects via Yatzer.


Searching for photos this week, I found these nice architectural details by Ergonimik on Flickr.

I seriously need to learn how to take even a moderately good picture. One day.