happy friday/i can't wait for summer

It's rainy and windy and I'm forgetting what the sunshine looks like, so here's a reminder.

Photos via garance dore, this is glamourous, deannedaffy, Ryan McGinley, and the modern house

ps. I found Ryan McGinley through M. Dash, who recommended his gorgeous Olympic photos.


  1. i'm in a "i cannot wait for summer mood lately too!" woke to snow, slush and now rain, blah! love your blog :)

  2. Nice images! I agree, spring/summer cannot arrive fast enough for me as well :)

  3. I hear you! I am in Seattle after all... I will have to wait and wait and wait some more...

    The girls and I are soon heading to "your" Vancouver. I will send you a report!

    Happy new week, ox Mon

  4. so inspiring! definitely can not wait until summer xo