I know this is old news on the design front, but I'm excited to find an image to post on a BIG wall we have in our stairway...I think I'm going to go all mushy and nostalgic with a photo of Vancouver. But here are some great options from Your Wallpaper, a Swedish site, of course.

(Because I don't speak Swedish in any way, I'm using Printed Space)


  1. These are some pretty nifty wallpapers. I'd never thought about using an image as wallpaper before, but I quite like the idea!

  2. Well of course Swedish! (: I have said it before and I am convinced that there is some viking blood in you! (And if you ever need any help with the language, just let me know).

    And I might need some Vancouver tips. I am going there in March with some girlfriends. So good food & shopping is on the agenda.

    Happy week, friend!


  3. Different from the usual striped wallpaper these so look great, especially liked the first pic!