hello, light

This building is made of light.
Actually it's mostly glass, concrete, acrylic...but the effect is gorgeous and shimmering and lovely. My friend described his affinity for colour in the same way I feel about light...it's almost like your sense of taste in that you just want to devour it. As in, I'd like to eat this building...?

Reiss Headquareters in London by Squire and Partners


All I have today to share is this hook. But isn't it beautiful?

from My Scandinavian Retreat

Architecture 5¢ was started by John Morefield, an unemployed architect who set up a booth at a Seattle farmer's market last year when the recession began, and started giving out design advice for 5 cents. As an unemployed girl, I'm inspired.

Read the New York Times article here.


Wow. So. Beautiful.

My friend is moving to Japan for a few months to study architecture, and hopefully she'll get to visit this weekend house, set on the mountainside of Izu-san in Japan.
And if she does she better call me immediately.

By Mount Fuji Architects Studio, photos by Ken'ichi Suzuki.

ps. remember when I was ogling over marble...this beats 'em all.

Via Yatzer.

delfin & postigo

I love the art in this apartment (especially the nooses - is that really the plural of noose? - above the bed)...it's dark, but in such a light and inspiring space...that, and I'm a sucker for midcentury modern. It's the Delfin & Postigo house in Madrid, home of fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo.

Photos by Manolo Yilera
(better if you click on the images to view larger)

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I know this is old news on the design front, but I'm excited to find an image to post on a BIG wall we have in our stairway...I think I'm going to go all mushy and nostalgic with a photo of Vancouver. But here are some great options from Your Wallpaper, a Swedish site, of course.

(Because I don't speak Swedish in any way, I'm using Printed Space)


I'm stacking my books "spines in" these days...just thought you should know.

"Paperback Series" by Mary Ellen Bartley


We've just returned from Florence (swoon), and what I loved most was the marble everywhere (and the coffee.)

*Although I was not one of the apparently many people who try to smuggle pieces of it home in their luggage...there are huge boxes of marble rubble everywhere in the airport security...so funny.

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