vicente wolf

Loving some of these Vicente Wolf interiors...he leans a bit traditional for my taste but his colour palette is always soooooo great. He also has a blog that is super approachable.

Via Loftlife and Desire to Inspire

happy friday

This weekend I am a bachelorette, so I'm going to do the following:

-clean out my entire closet in preparation for moving to the UK, big decisions will be made.
- watch movies & drink wine
- go for breakfast at a new favourite place
- ride bikes (well, one bike, but this phrase is cuter)
- suntan with magazines (sun, please co-operate)
- read A Short History of Nearly Everything, which I'm really enjoying so far

Yay. Have a good weekend!

rebecca thuss

When I was planning my wedding I found Rebecca Thuss and fell in love with her work. I totally admire her talent for creating gorgeous vignettes and settings and everything that I am so clumsy with.

loeffler randall

I love Loeffler Randall...they're shoes and bags are gorgeous and much coveted by my closet...Here is Jessie Randall's apartment from the September 2006 issue of Domino. Her designs translate so much into her apartment it's amazing.

And thinking of that, I'm realizing that my fashion leanings are much more girly than my interior ones...I love Vanessa Bruno (her apartment here), Loeffler Randall, Dior (a great commercial here), but I'm a bit more minimal in my choices in interiors, something girly and ornate but plunked into a super modern space.

Inspired by Orange Beautiful


I like these bookshelves. And I don't care about finding authors alphabetically, I like colour coded organization.

sheep fun

Is this what I'll be doing in England?

here is the link in case you can't see it above

white & wood

Loving white (as usual) and light wood accents lately...
Images via Emmas Designblogg

sick chair

I feel unwell today. And this chair looks like a really lovely alternative to what I'm in right now at work. Maybe I could eat some sorbet there too.

Via Desire to Inspire

i'm not ready yet

I'm just not ready for fall I'm super happy that we're having a summer beach party this weekend. That is all.


I love Loeffler Randall. Love. Really love. And Lamb's Ear Shoes has lots of them. And they're on sale. It's too good.