Milan fashion week

I'm now addicted to the Jak & Jil blog...gorgeous coverage of fashion week in Milan.

Happy Canada Day!

ps. This post is dedicated to my lovely and every so stylish friend, S.S. xo

The Standard NYC

The Standard. The iconic Californian hotel opened their doors this year in New York (and it's affordable!) The 337 room hotel, designed by architect group Polshek Partnership, sits atop a new park situated on abandoned rail tracks, in the meatpacking district at Washington and West 13th Street.

I really want to go.

photos via Loftlife and All My Little Words

fast boy cycles

Fast Boy Cycles looks like an lovely little company that custom builds beautiful bikes. I'm sort of using the top two photos as inspiration for my own commuter...(except I have a rear basket that I love, it's like a little removeable shopping basket). New handlebars are on their way, maybe cork?...and I'm thinking of a leather seat as well. Becoming obsessed now. Must. Stop.

pictures and words

I just discovered Raina Kirn's site (thanks Sven) where she takes a quote (from anyone I think) and uses it to inspire a photograph. Nice.

"You need them. You buy the shoes, I'll buy the dinners." -A.B.

"Let's dance, for fear your grace should fall." -David Bowie

'I feel like I'm watching my life go by.' -C.M.

'Call on God, but row away from the rocks.' -Hunter S. Thompson

Vanessa Bruno

And speaking of shopping...Vanessa Bruno is one of my absolute favourite fashion designers - and this is her apartment in the Marais district of Paris (it was originally a carriage house built in 1650.) It's both modern and a bit whimsical, (bohemian isn't really my own thing, but it totally works here) and I think that inspiration translates into her designs as soft and flowy, very very flattering and beautiful (you can get Vanessa Bruno at Misch in Vancouver...and they're having a sale right now...arg, still no shopping for me)

photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, via The Style Files.


Desperately resisting the urge to buy new shoes (specifically, these ones...but they're on sale!)

Photo by a view to (and she has an Esty shop here)

michael jackson

Just look at that smile!

photo from mjfanclub


How much fun would this be!?!?!
(they're riding in a hydroelectic power station accumulation pool, before it's filled with water)
See the whole slideshow here.

sad thursday, happy friday

I saw this Farrah Fawcett poster over at {this is glamorous} (can you see it? upper left corner on the bookcase...) and searched out the rest of the apartment, I like the mix of old and new. It's Nate Berkus' place in Milan.

photos by Simon Upton, Elle Decor

olivia bee

Olivia Bee takes some beautiful photographs.

Oh, did I mention she's 15 years old?

But just for the record, most of these were taken when she was 14...I'm alternating between being selfishly depressed and divinely inspired by that information.

via Oh Joy!