we english

Photographer Simon Roberts has published a book called We English. He travelled around in his camper van and took photographs of English people doing English things (which mostly consists of walking around in groups or pairs.)

(the photo of the birds and trucks is actually a pigeon race...)


  1. hello Eva,

    I just love your posts. Exquisite, refined, smart. Could you send me an email at david@1905gardeningsociety.org ? I would like to tell you a bit about a project I am working on. It's an experimental newspaper poster publication and I'd like to mail you a copy.

    thanks for sharing such beautiful imagery


  2. Great images! These are beautifully captured...

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Today is the first day of real snow here in Vancouver :) Is it snowing there?


  3. ooooo what great pictures! (:
    & you have a lovely blog <33