I was at a friend's apartment this weekend...everything is white and lovely and comforting and I'm terribly jealous at the moment with no fixed home of my own, so here is a completely selfish ode to white.

Images via Domino, Pia Ulin, Simon Dance Design, Remodelista, emmas designblogg


  1. hi eva...love the blog. sherrill's place gives me serious home envy too, as I'm also without a fixed address at the moment. checked out your wedding photos, you looked amazing! hope you're enjoying life the uk. xo michie gow

  2. Hi girlie, you don't have to sell me on white! I LOVE all the images you picked! Just noticed that I posted the same image - no. 8 - myself! (I miss Domino!)

    Just gave you a "Honest Scrap Award". It is up - or should be up soon - on my blog. We all want to learn more about you!

    OX Monika

  3. Wonderful refreshing white and so close to my Swedish heart!
    Lovely images - have some of them in one of my sacred files.
    Looking forward to reading more about you in your 'Honest Scrap Award' post.

  4. this blog is beautiful.. very amazing images.

    just addded you to my link section.

    all the best!