I love train stations

There's something so wonderful about being in a train station.

A station in Madrid by Guarav Dhup

In Frankfurt by poetforlife

Berlin Central Station by metromad

Melbourn's Southern Cross Station by rflower

A station in Leuven, Belgium The Atoche Station in Madrid by Philip Rogan

Union Station in Los Angeles by Heatherrinne

London's Paddington Station by crypticrob

Detail of Paddington's arches by Andy Matthews

Sloterdijk Station in Amersterdam by Tim Cowley

Santa Maria Novella in Florence by Paul Louis Villani

Grand Central Station in NYC by Matthew Bonnington

All images via Red Bubble.


  1. yes! me too. have you seen the new chanel add in the train station? so lovely!
    just discovering your blog via splendid willow... beautiful!

  2. I adore train stations! There's something so romantic and mysterious about them. Just discovered your blog, it's great!

  3. Glad you like the photo Atoche Madrid!

    Some really nice images to keep it company and I like train stations too.