ebay search: vintage industrial lighting

I'm currently staying up late and scouring ebay for vintage lampshades for my bedroom. Here is some of my inspiration - there are tons of expensive ones as well but I like to find a deal...

I'm rediscovering ebay again, this could be a problem.

Photos via Design Sponge, Marie Claire, and Remodelista


  1. Oh no! I wish you had not told me! Ok, I will restrain myself... But once you find something, tell us. And then I will follow your lead.

    Super congratulations on your move! I meant to comment earlier, but the Swine Flu came to our house and messed things up! Yikes!

    So, how is England? Have you been invited for High tea yet?



  2. girlie you'll never guess what I JUST DID?! just took an ikea pendant lamp (looks a lot like the ones in the first photo and spray painted it white so it looks not unlike the ones in the second and sixth photo. i am trés pleased with the results! will take photo of it for you soon!

  3. Loving these lamps!
    Industrial vintage craving now cemented deeper into my heart - thanks to you!

    Great idea re IKEA and spray can!