So...we've moving again (but much closer this time, just down the road.) It's a very boring story, but our new place has some lovely built in storage! Am I too excited about this? Anyway, Dutch architecture firm i29 does built-ins very nicely in this project of theirs.


I want this "Little Rock" chair by Bensen.
I have the Canyon sofa (or half of it, at least), I think it's only fair to them that they be together.


All by Zaha Hadid, except for bottom, by Anish Kapoor.

warm & dark

Today I love the darkness in these photos.
And those stone floors look like they'd be lovely and warm on bare feet (mine are a bit chilly as I write this...)

By Studio Mumbai

Via Desire to Inspire

I love train stations

There's something so wonderful about being in a train station.

A station in Madrid by Guarav Dhup

In Frankfurt by poetforlife

Berlin Central Station by metromad

Melbourn's Southern Cross Station by rflower

A station in Leuven, Belgium The Atoche Station in Madrid by Philip Rogan

Union Station in Los Angeles by Heatherrinne

London's Paddington Station by crypticrob

Detail of Paddington's arches by Andy Matthews

Sloterdijk Station in Amersterdam by Tim Cowley

Santa Maria Novella in Florence by Paul Louis Villani

Grand Central Station in NYC by Matthew Bonnington

All images via Red Bubble.

fingers crossed

Images of Amanda Levete Architects' Corian Super-surface Lounge installation.

Honest Scraps

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Splendid Willow to share 10 things about myself, so here 'goes:

1. I like rain.
I like waking up to the sound of it on the roof, wet tires on the road, and walking undaunted straight through deep puddles in my rainboots.

2. I wear a scarf pretty much yearound.
I think it's an addiction. Sometimes I'll even wear two. Maybe I'll google some self help programs later.

3. I am a total wuss.
I am terrified of flying, deep water and bats getting into my hair.
But I still do these things, to prove that I can (although have yet to have bats caught in my hair)

4. I could enter a pasta eating contest.
I seriously think I was Italian in a past life...and can possibly eat my body weight in spaghetti.

5. I really really want to drive one of those digger things...you know the ones that demolish houses etc? Ideally I'd like to not just drive it, but also demolish something.

6. I love to read.
I actually try to slow my reading down when I know I don't have another book to read yet. (Rarely happens)

7. I am ridiculously attached to animals.
I can't watch those nature shows where the gazelle is mauled by the lion, and I'll probably end up as the crazy cat lady on the block (actually I already am, I carry treats in my coat pocket, I can't help it)

8. I love looking out the window.
We lived across from City Hall once, and all I did was sit and stare. Property tax time was especially good.

9. I can't take a good photo to save my life.
I'm not sure why this is, but I sure appreciate those who can.

10. I'm addicted to magazines.
Specifically interiors (of course), and moving across the ocean was tough, I had stacks that were taller than me, but I whittled it down to one box.

Well, that's it for now.


I was at a friend's apartment this weekend...everything is white and lovely and comforting and I'm terribly jealous at the moment with no fixed home of my own, so here is a completely selfish ode to white.

Images via Domino, Pia Ulin, Simon Dance Design, Remodelista, emmas designblogg