looking forward

I might be missing for a few days while we move our lives to England. It's been really really difficult saying goodbye to our lives and friends here in Vancouver, and there may be tears and nervousness but I've got my chin up and I'm looking forward to the future.

Please come back and visit me next week (hopefully I'll have figured out internet by then...) and perhaps I'll include some photos of our new cottage...

photo via julia.


I seem to be seeing horses a lot...not sure why...but I (and my 14 year-old-girl self) like 'em. These prints from Lonny (of new online magazine acclaim and available on Etsy) are crying out to be on my wall.

Bottom photos via
The Modern House and This is Glamorous


Maybe because it's a bit grey here in Vancouver, or maybe cause I'm feeling a little homesick already (we haven't left home yet, but you know...), I needed a little colour today.

Images via Remodelista, The Modern House, and Living Etc.

ghetto bed

There's something about having your mattress on the floor that says "I'm 19 years old and would rather spend my money on shoes/beer/food than buy a bedframe" but for some reason I'm not only getting used to it, I'm starting to like it...and unfinished things in general...maybe we don't need a frame after all?

Images via Loftlife, Living Etc., and the Ace Hotel.


One of the best parts (so far, since we're not even there yet) of moving to the UK is the ability to travel to all these wonderful places, like Florence. I am sooooo excited. Remodelista featured this B&B today in Florence. Actually, there are two Floroom locations now, both in Florence, and I want to go!

Rooms from 120 euros including breakfast (and snacks they say, I like snacks.)

and ps. look, task lamps on the wall!

task lamps

I'm loving wall mounted task lamps, especially in the bedroom.

(Inspired by our impending move into a still yet unknown tiny space)

Photos via Remodelista, Modern Design Interior, Kitka Design Toronto, and AT (I think...)


Marais USA is having a sale on their lovely, simple, French inspired shoes, just use the code POLKADOT at check-out.
If my husband is reading this, I didn't buy any. None at all. Nope.

Magnus Marding

Desire to Inspire posted these lovely photos by photographer Magnus Marding today...I love the colours...very edited but impactful.