i'm getting very predictable

Another residence from The Modern House...actually it's a Dutch barn dating from 1723, and it's making me want to move the the country and have a paddock...or whatever.

It looks as though they've been very gentle with the renovation, from one of the many books it's included in, John Pawson writes:

"A complex of agricultural barns is transformed into a series of residential spaces in which the refinement of the newly inserted elements, such as full height glass walls and low partitions in white plaster, contrasts with the simple directness of the original structure.

Alterations on the exterior of the U-shaped complex are proportioned in such a way as to respect the character of the structure. Rather than cutting inappropriate window openings into old walls, the interior is lit by large scale sheets of glass that sit directly on the ground and make the original pitched roofs appear to float."


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  1. Wooden beams! They give rooms incredible structural perspective. I love that the walls are white and plain, brings the eye to the beams.