how much do you really need?

Since we're moving to England, we're planning on purging ourselves of much of our "stuff." It's a bit of a dream of mine to get rid of everything...(well, maybe just loan some of it out permanently.) We ARE looking into bringing our new bed with us, along with a few pieces of art, big paper lanterns (I usually hate ceiling fixtures) and of course our clothing etc. But this brings to mind, how much do you really need? A bed. Maybe a table and chairs, a sofa (or can you just use cushions?) What do you think? What is necessary and how do you do minimal but still comfortable, and on a tight budget?

Art, a sofa and a chair. These styles wouldn't be my pick, but that's about what we'd have to start. I like the white walls and floor, this seems to be the way to making minimalism work best...
I love these grey sofas for guests to sleep over... Love the white walls, floors, and dark moldings. And I'm a sucker for green. Storage is important for little things that tend to accummulate

photos via Plastolux, Odos Architects, Living Etc., Designshoot, Jebole


  1. Often I dream of living with nothing! I think my husband wishes for it every day. I love the way some of these rooms look - so peaceful.

  2. I am so excited for your move! I absolutely love moving - mainly because it really does make you take stock! And I love that. As much as I like pretty things, I sometimes fantasize about living on just the bare necessities. There really is so little we actually NEED. Best of luck with the move, Eva!