oh domino

I miss you, Domino. You're pages were always so artfully composed, so approachable, so colourful (and I'm quite scared of colour), so perfectly lived in. I have your book, and it's lovely, but not the same really. Now I'm going to track down some of your stylists.


  1. Domino was such a popular resource. Why did they fold? I heard the echoes of despair around the design world the day Domino shut down...

  2. I still want my backyard to look like that last photo.

  3. they said they folded due to the "economy", here is the article from WWD: http://www.wwd.com/media-news/domino-to-close-1953603?justin=1953603
    but i feel like it was a rush decision in the face of hard times, other shelter mags closed in a flurry as well at the time (Blueprint, House and Garden, O at Home), but the ones that stuck it out are still around.

    i want that backyard too lisa!