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I love the quotes that An Aesthete's Lament finds:

"I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china"
-Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) author

"Life has become so serious, moments have assumed such importance, that to waste them in the care of useless and ugly things is intolerable".
- editors of Your Home Beautiful: 1,000 Ideas for Beautifying Your Home

"We all know that interior decoration is seen by many as a frivolous career full of ruffles and flourishes and preposterous fashion statements. Yet to transform the bleak and the barren into welcoming places where one can live seems to me an important and worthwhile goal in life".
Mark Hampton (1940-1998) interior decorator, artist, and scholar.

"Fill a house with animals and you fill it with life".
Hubert de Givenchy (born 1927) fashion designer.

"Humanised mass, space, and line are the basis of beauty, but coherence is the basis of style".
Geoffrey Scott (1884-1929), British art historian, scholar, poet, garden designer, and celebrated author of The Architecture of Humanism: A Study in the History of Taste (1914).

"I have flair, intuition, great good taste but only second-rate ambition. I am far too susceptible to flattery; I hate and am uninterested in all the things most men like such as sport, business, statistics, debates, speeches, war, and the weather; but I am rivetted by lust, furniture, glamour and society and jewels".
Sir Henry "Chips" Channon (1897-1958), American-born British politician, aesthete, and diarist.

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  1. I'm going to remember that Mark Hampton quote whenever I am feeling disillusioned by my choice of careers. Thanks Eva!