Boutique Hostels

This is such a great idea for cheap(ish) accommodation. I am fairly "discerning" (read: picky), but I'd stay in any of these in a second, especially the citizenM in Amsterdam (except it's at the airport...). Prices from $40-$100.

citizenM at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam (private rooms from $90)

Stay in LA (private rooms from $65)

Lub d in Bangkok (private rooms from $40)

The Berge in Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany (private rooms from $100) *oh wait, I just checked and the cheapest I could find here was 80 euros...)

Mama Shelter in Paris (private singles from $100) *hmmm, I checked this one and it says 89 euros now...

Via Budget Travel/Apartment Therapy

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