Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of our marriage and our seven (!) year anniversary of being a couple. That's a polaroid from our wedding above, I swear it wasn't taken in 1972...This year looks to be full of I thought I'd write down (publicly, eek!) some of my hopes and goals for this year:

Move to England

Travel as much as possible (Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland all on the 'for sure' list.) Try not to be terrified of flying.

Enjoy each moment as it comes.

Change careers. Figure that out.
Write letters to friends

Buy a flat, fix it up (it will obviously not look like this...)

Make new English friends (I'm pretty shy)

photos by Sarah Maingot via Black Eiffel, Leanne Pedersen, Plush Palate, This is London, We Heart It.


  1. oh wow my heart totally just melted for that typewriter!! but first and foremost, CONGRATS on the 1 year. i love the vintage looking polaroid, it's awesome! and yes, yes, move! i did.. not across the pond to england, but across the big pond.. to norway. eck. scary considering i still suck at learning norwegian. :( regardless, best decision i have ever made, you have to move, you have one life, live to the fullest! plus, it's so much cheaper to travel once you are in europe (ryanair). have fun!

  2. Happy anniversary! What a cute photo. I hope you have a great weekend with lots of celebrating.

  3. How did I miss this? Happy Anniversary, and so much good fortune to you in the coming (BIG) year!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I love love love your list.