I'm tentatively starting to really like the whole plywood idea...architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson have executed it quite well in this French loft I think (although it still feels kind of cabin-y to me...which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

via loftlife, photos by Christine Beeson


  1. oi td bem com vc?
    seu blog está muito bom, parabens

  2. I get a little bit sad when I see these interior design posts of yours. No, nothing to do with you nor your taste. Only the fact that we have been renovating our house for the last 2 years (I may have told you about this already). But now, we are ready to take legal action against our contractor because nothing has been done the last months + he's avoiding our calls! So sad that I'm not going to have my dream home any time soon!

  3. Plus maybe the fact that we have been paying down the mortgage for the last 2 years having not lived there + we're renting an apartment = broke ass!