perfect bike

Ahhhh, this is my perfect dream bike. And it's no surprise it's Italian...called the Imperiale Uomo by Umberto Dei, here is the oh-so romantic story behind it:

"It happened in the year 1896. The Lumiere brothers had just invented cinematography and Guglielmo Marconi had created the wireless telephone when a little artisan, fond of cycling and extremely meticulous, made his first series of bicycles. His name was Umberto Dei. That was the beginning of a marvellous adventure that led him to create a collection of bicycles which were considered among the best in the world. Their level of quality and perfection was so high that the brand Dei became world-known: everybody longed to have a Dei bycicle and win by riding it."

Via my new favourite blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic

(no bike basket yet, had to work late last


  1. It is the perfect bike indeed! Those Italian...they know a thing or 2 about design.

  2. Oh my! That is a gorgeous bike. Thank you for sharing it!