Slightly obsessed with cabins after this weekend (our lovely friend lent us hers while she was in Italy. I ate pie for breakfast and watched hummingbirds all day. It was awesome.) Of course it has to be modern and comfortable. Here are a few I found...

This cabin in Asserbo, Denmark by Christensen & Co Architects is very basic and lovely, the living areas make up most of the space with little bedrooms along the back of the house. Small and perfect.

The Maurer house by Allen & Maurer Architects in Naramata, BC, was built with as little disturbance to the landscape as possible (no trees were cut, no rocks were blasted), and uses "Form Follows Physics" design - simplicity and ingenuity allow it to naturally vent, shade, conserve energy etc.

The Delta Shelter by Olsen Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. The steel shutters can be completely shut while you're away, making it good for all seasons, and it rests on stilts, in case you're in a floodplain...

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