comfy sofa

And here is the sofa I would want in a TV room. It's not right for me in a living room, but great for lounging around cause it's SOOOOO ridiculously comfy. Ligne Roset Togo Sofa.

traditional but modern sofa

I'd like to get this sofa for my mom, modern but traditional in a great fabric (and looks super comfy). Oscar sofa from Matthew Hilton, via Remodelista.

phaidon design classics

While buying a gift on Amazon I got sucked into adding Phaidon Design Classics to my cart. 4000 images of 999 classic design objects. Justifications: 1) it was on sale 2) it will make me smarter and happier and 3) that $39 free shipping thing always gets me. I can't wait for this giant package to land on my doorstep!


I've been loving felt lately, but alas currently have no use to buy any such items. ONE DAY, however, I would like to have something like this supercool design from Spanish company ABR in our den (which is full of records and loud-making machines) I think they would muffle sound and look beautiful at the same time. Although what about the dust they would accumulate...?

Shamelessly pilfered from Apartment Therapy.

chanel no5 ad

This short film has been around for a while but I just watched it again and love the warm colours (and Audrey Tautou, and the train station, and the Billie Holiday song...) Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed. Good job.

ferris bueller

Remember the super awesome house on Ferris Bueller's Day Off? (Cameron's dad's house) Well, it's for sale and I want it. $2.3 million, 4 bed, 4 bath, 5300 square feet. But it's in Illinois. Maybe I could move it...


my cat would love this setup...

More from stairporn. I love them!

Cannes Fashion

Kristin Scott Thomas in Lanvin Marion Cotillard in Lanvin (and fabulous Yves Saint Laurent shoes)
Diane Kruger in Dolce & Gabbana (left) and in John Richmond (right)
Devon Aoki in Alberta Ferreti

A few of the looks I liked at Cannes this year. Especially love the Lanvin dresses.

Devon Aoki photo via Yahoo, all others via Bazaar

sleepy this morning

happy friday

Feelin' a little better this afternoon, this website usually helps.

out of sorts

This morning I kind of feel like this. But it's sunny and beautiful outside my window so hopefully this will change by the evening.

arthur erickson

Canadian modernist and architect Arthur Erickson died yesterday at the age of 84. I love a lot of his work, and feel close to his style because we see so much of it here on the West Coast of Canada (I went to Simon Fraser University, which was one of his projects) He was almost like a James Bond, traveling around the world, working for the British secret service during WWII, and developing a Canadian architectural identity all the while. He was SO COOL.

Images from the Arthur Erickson website