spring shopping

My wish list of spring items:

1. Summer scarf. I wear one every day so I could invest a bit more money in this. Something light, maybe white or light grey...
2. Men's blazer. Seen everywhere and very cute, I'm on board.
3. Jeans. Dark wash. Straight leg. Maybe ankle length. So far impossible to find the perfect pair.
4. Hoodie alternative. Not as dressy as a cardigan, not as casual as a hoodie. Maybe this Hani vest?
5. Summer dresses, nice enough to dress up for work (my office is very casual) but also to the beach. I'm not a fan of shorts so this is always my alternative.

Church & State dress from Frances May, Hani vest and Faliero Sarti scarves from Misch, jeans from Martin clothes, blazer (unknown) via Team Sugar.

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  1. I like it. Not because I understand it, but becuase I love you. Note the spelling error.