small spaces

I know small space features have been all the rage for a while. I think there are a few things necessary for a good, livable small space (for me at least):

1) Light! As much natural light as you can possibly cram in - windows, skylights, anything. And once you've used up all natural light avenues, go on to interior lighting.

2) Height. I know it's not always possible, but there are a lot of teeny tiny lofts out there that feel much airier because of the ceiling height. Don't use up all the space by trying to fill it up. If you have to (which you probably do), build a bedroom space above the main living area, put it above the bathroom, or build a U shape around the edges of the room, and keep the lower level ceiling height higher, and the upper level lower, it will still feel lofty in the bedroom.

3) Layout. The feeling of space is so dependent on the layout. When we were house-hunting it always amazed us the difference it could make. Take down some walls if you can, use furniture to separate living areas, or take out a wall and replace it with a large sliding door (even better if it's frosted glass to let light in.)

4) Storage. Everywhere. I love the stairs/drawers idea. Genius.

Those are the basics that I look for...anything I've missed?

photos from Marie Claire Petits Espaces (they also have a book!), Apartment Therapy, the stair storage photo from Stairporn (which I just found and love), and the sliding door photo from Remodelista


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