little houses

Smallworks is one of the many prefab companies in the market right now, and they're based here in Vancouver. This 624 square foot home is their "Laneway Loft House" that can be put almost anywhere...perfect for a cabin on a little plot of land (someday hopefully...) They also build smaller ones as workshops or studios or whatever you need them for. They say they use green building materials and energy systems (you'd have to ask them specifically about this), and can custom build them to your needs.
Photos from the BC Home & Garden Show.

martha sturdy

Ooooh, Martha Sturdy is having a sale at their studio in Vancouver. I can only afford a tooth brush holder at 70% off and the the last time I went the women (customers) were savage, but it's a sale!

glass door

I'd really like to see a sliding glass door alternative (that could replace an already existing sliding glass door.) Maybe one big pane that swivels. So far I haven't found much...
photograph by Richard Powers

(a bit) more colour!

ok, some (liveable) colour after all that black and white. Yellow wall "M House" by Architecture W, red faucet and yellow pendants via Remodelista. The colourful cabin is by LASC studio, they are located in Skåne.


Ok, here's some colour. A lot of colour. This is the Varna Restarurant (in 1971) in Arhus by Verner Panton. Wow.


LoftLife did a post on white lacquer a few days ago and it's right on target for me. I want shiny right now! Gleaming floors & furniture, throw in some linen and wood for texture... These photos sort of sum up some of the elements.
And again with the black & white. Sorry. I'll try for more colour soon.
Photos from Loft Life, Living Etc, Remodelista & Spencer Interiors

love letters

I really like Linea Carta (also on Etsy), and she's had a great idea - buy a card and for an additional fee ($8), she'll write your note in calligraphy, seal it with twine and wax and mail it off for you. Lovely.


Kind of liking these Ficus trees by LA photographer Elon Schoenholz on Etsy.


It was so beautiful here this past weekend, we went for a hike and saw waterfalls, hung out with friends, went out for amazing coffee gelato, made pasta with fresh basil...all good things. Hopefully it will be beach time soon, I just found this Rachel Pally swimsuit on sale at Revolve (in lilac and midnight.)

black & white

Looking through my photos and realizing I love everything black and white, it's almost ridiculous how many of these I have...
Photos from Remodelista, Apartment Therapy, Living Etc, Domino, Emma's Design Blog, and sfgirlbybay.


I'm sick.

(photo from Apartment Therapy)



Arctic Pear


Ingo Maurer

Ikea paper lanterns via Apartment Therapy

I HATE built-in apartment lighting (other than the great vintage fixtures we once had). As my friend says, a lot of them have a likeness to a certain part of the female anatomy...But moving on, here are some great iconic chandeliers. And if you can't afford much, get some big paper lanterns from Ikea or Chinatown and make your own.


I have a whole new respect for Playboy now. This shot was in their July 1961 issue...George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom. Overwhelming.

George Nelson "bubble lamps"

Edward Wormley side table

Eero Saarinen TWA terminal at the JFT Airport

Harry Bertoia chairs

Charles Eames chair, stool & cabinet (cabinet along with George Nelson)

Jens Risom chair

George Nelson bubble lamps photo from here, Edward Wormley side table photo from here, Eero Saarinen JFK airport photo from here, Harry Bertoia chairs photo from here, Charles Eames chair, stool & cabinet photo from here, and Jens Risom chair photo from here