I saw this photo over at The Year in Pictures entitled "Bowing for the Collections," photographed by Louis Faurer (originally in French Vogue, 1972) Just really like it.


My mom is painting her house a pale yellow with white trim, and now I'm trying to convince her to paint her front door a bright colour. Apartment Therapy posted some yellow doors today, here are some other colours. I think my vote is for blue (her place is nothing like the blue door photo, but the yellow stairs are about the same colour as her house...)

Photos from here, here, here, and here

green thumb

I am trying so hard to grow basil on my windowsill. I do not in any way have a green thumb, but I want a vegetable garden very much one day, so this is the beginning. I saw one tiny green shoot this morning, and I'm very excited. My husband thinks I'm crazy (he has more than a green thumb, he's a plant whisperer.) I couldn't find white pots with holes in the bottom so I bought ceramic ones and painted them. Yes, that's probably toxic.
Photo from here.

mid century weekend

If I could travel back in time I would stay at the Valley Ho this weekend, chill out by the pool and have an "old fashioned" (recipe below)

Old Fashioned Cocktail
Prepare and serve in Glass No. 5
1 lump cube sugar
1 or 2 dashes Cocktail Bitters
1 dash seltzer
Muddle sugar until dissolved
1 jogger Rye, Bourbon or Scotch Whiskey
Cube of ice
Garnish with twist of lemon peel, 1 slice of orange, 1 maraschino cherry.
Serve with highball spoon.

Happy Friday!

photos from Valley Ho


We're lucky to live in an apartment with a staircase in it (we're at the top of a three story house converted to apartments) definitely makes our space feel a bit more dimensional. And our cat likes to chase his felt mice down them as well.
Staircases are just so useful and beautiful...floating, storage,'s an architectural element that can be very personal to the house and the owner. And they're good excercise. Yay stairs!

Here are a few of my favourite staircases from Living Etc.


This is my idea of camping.
Rockwater Secret Cove is on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada, and they have these lovely tents set up with fireplaces and tubs and ocean view decks. I haven't been there, so I can't say first hand that it's awesome, but it looks awesome.


I usually might find this a little cluttered looking, but I really love it, and I don't care that mid-century is a) super trendy, or b) used to be super trendy (although I have to admit that there's a tad too much teak in my apartment at the moment...)

alexander wang

I bought a super cute easy little tank dress for this summer by Alexander Wang (online from Frances May, great service, it arrived so quickly all packaged up in wrapping paper!), it's so soft and lovely and will go with everything...
Here are a few other things I like from his Spring 2009 Ready to Wear.
photos by marcio madeira/

kitchen window

We were trying to sort out our "top 5" wants in a house the other day...and I said before that I wanted an attic bedroom, well, I'd also love a BIG kitchen window...(ok, or door)
photos from Living Etc, Marie Claire Maison, and Remodelista


i needed a little reminder today...

print from etsy seller SuspectShoppe

dishwasher love

I miss my dishwasher, and although I can live without it, I've never actually fallen in love with one, until now...the Asko XXL Dishwasher. It's so pretty.

originally via Remodelista

attic bedrooms

I really really really want an attic bedroom.

photos from Remodelista and New York Times (top)


I am in some disbelief at these wallscapes by Italian design company Spazio Rossana Orlandi (just posted over at Apartment Therapy.) They are photographic images on large wood panels. In most of them I can't even see the line between photo and reality...more pictures on their site.

travels - bled island

I'd never heard of Bled Island before seeing this post on T Magazine's blog, and never really thought of going to Slovenia before, but this place looks so cool! The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary is only one of a few buildings on this tiny island in the middle of Bled Lake. They do weddings if you're interested...

Here are more photos.

top photo by John Anthony Rizzo, bottom from here

sugar sugar

I've been looking for a 'thank you' gift (in a work capacity), and whimsy & spice is just the thing...I've heard great things about them, most recently via A Cup of Jo, so now I'm convinced. I just wish they shipped to Canada!

photos from whimsy & spice

green & blue

I'm helping a friend decorate the bathroom in her cabin, and when she described a green ceiling and robin's egg blue walls I was a little hesitant, but after looking around, I'm growing very fond of the blue/green combination (although she's braver than me, most of my walls are shades of gray...)
Photos from Martha Stewart, the bottom photo is from Domino

david stark

Re-Nest (over at Apartment Therapy) has some photos from the NYC West Elm launch, featuring work by David Stark (all created from recycled cardboard)...amazing! I checked out Stark's site as well...which is so worth clicking over to.

Photos from Apartment Therapy

case study house #21

I found the house mentioned below from W's the Bailey House, Pierre Koenig Case Study House #21 and it was up for sale in '06, these are a couple of photos from Julius Shulman. Shulman was hired by Wright Auctions to photograph the house...(I couldn't find any more of the house on their site, but they have 2, 347 other items that I would like...)
Photos from here