maybe it's because i'm canadian...

As Made in England (a new favourite blog) said, I never knew I wanted an axe until I saw these ones by Best Made Company. Their website is also a new favourite, I love everything in their inspiration file...go now, and agree with me.


I'm buying curtains soon and I'm seeing linen everywhere.

I wish I could sew.

photos via Remodelista

ahh, christmas

Angel chimes are the pinnacle of Christmas for me...we had them every year, wherever we were. If you're unfamiliar with these, the heat from the candles rise, and the brass angels make lovely little chimes as they merry go 'round...I always assumed they were Dutch (they were inherited from my grandma) but apparently yes, they are Swedish, which, if you've read my blog at all, means my mom and I need to have a little chat about where I really came from...

The set also comes with clowns...which I suppose was meant for other occasions like birthday parties, but the angels were way better.

Love the retro 70's packaging.
And a more modern Scandinavian tealight version (minus the chimes)

swedish love. again.

No disrespect to H&M Home, which I've never seen in real life...but it seems as though Mikael Beckman can make anything look amazing (and I love the way he uses colours.) His portfolio here.

Of course he's Swedish.

(found originally via desire to inspire I think...)

ok, ok

If it must be this chilly, at least can I have some sheepskin? I want, like, 10.

Via kitka design toronto


Alright, that's enough winter, thanks. I'm ready for a pastel coloured spring.

Photos from Living Etc., Korean Vogue, Marie Antoinette, Nina Ricci Spring '10, this is glamorous, coco+kelly, Marie Claire and Domino

we english

Photographer Simon Roberts has published a book called We English. He travelled around in his camper van and took photographs of English people doing English things (which mostly consists of walking around in groups or pairs.)

(the photo of the birds and trucks is actually a pigeon race...)


It's cold now, and I just bought my first "puffer."
(Thanks Sonn.)
Chilly photographs by Cedric Bihr.

Via this is glamorous